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Mountain Bikes


Plain and simple, mountain biking is soooo much fun. Remember the first time you rode your bike on your own? It’s fun, exciting, challenging, and scary all at same time. Zipping in and out of the trees you might feel like an Ewok on a speeder bike from the first Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi.  Well, this is about as close as it gets, floating down trails, through streams, with golden sun rays filtering through the redwood canopy high above. Or maybe, you just want a peaceful getaway from traffic and urban feel that can become all too overwhelming, a mountain bike will get you there.  Whether you’re a Jedi warrior, or a weekend warrior seeking a little sanctuary, mountain biking will put a smile on your face. You’ve never had so much fun until you swallowed your first bug.  Whaaat!!!??! Come see our full line of Ibis, Santa Cruz, and Specialized.