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Box Bicycle for Shipping

Standard: $60

Deluxe (removes wheels & fork): $130


Does your bike like to travel as much as you do? Let us pack your bike for you, so you can focus on those important travel details (instead of stressing about how you’re going to get your bike boxed)! We’ll box your rig with a whole bunch of recycled packingContinue Reading

Build Bicycle from Shipping

Once you return from that epic vacation, and realize you could have never left Santa Cruz because the riding was perfect while you were away, you’ll need your bike unboxed and dialed-in. Allow our mechanics the priviledge of doing this for you! Your bike will be reassembled from shipping and tuned to precision.

Build New Bicycle from Box

We will assemble your brand new bicycle from its unassembled, boxed condition and transform it into a lovely, rideable bike. All procedures from our in-house new assembly performed, equivalent to our Full Tune-Up Service Package.